Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Re-Cap of the 7 Day Crystal Reading Challenge

I can't believe it has been 7 days already! I had so much fun shooting these videos, showing off my cards, and of course showing my pretty crystals to you all. I hope you have enjoyed it too. Thank you for joining me on this little sparkly journey. :)

As just a little re-cap, the following is a list of the crystals that were pulled this week. You can view any of the past videos by clicking on the links below. Simply click on the day you want.

Day 1 (Nov. 7) - Watermelon Tourmaline (Heart chakra and Water element)
Day 2 (Nov. 8) - Emerald and Lepidolite (Emerald is Heart chakra and Earth element. 
                           Lepidolite is Third Eye chakra and Water element.)
Day 3 (Nov. 9) - Green Aventurine (Heart chakra and Earth element)
Day 4 (Nov. 10) - Hematite (Root chakra and Fire element)
Day 5 (Nov. 11) - Rhodonite (Heart chakra and Fire element)
Day 6 (Nov. 12) - Charoite (Crown chakra and Water element)
Day 7 (Nov. 13) - Aquamarine (Throat chakra and Water element)

During this past week, 4 of the crystals drawn were related to the Heart chakra. We also had 4 Water element crystals. This alone tells me that the readings this week were driven by the emotions. Follow your passions and the talents that lie within your heart. Enjoy what you do and do what makes you happy. Then share those gifts with the world. This will foster the growth and attraction of what your heart truly desires, whether or not you realize what that is, at this moment in time. Remember not to release the problems of the past. Do not let them influence the present or your future. Only reflect on the past, see how much you have grown, and move forward with an open heart and open mind of what the future has to offer. Always look towards the positive things in life and be mindful of what you say or do. You attract what you share with the world, so make it what you wish to receive in return. If you allow your intuition and heart to lead the way, then happiness will soon follow.  

7 day crystal reading challenge - Day 6 and 7 *VIDEOS*

Somehow, Day 6's post has disappeared from the blog, so I am adding it here to the top of Day 7's. -- Today's crystal is Charoite! Take a moment to help others. It will make the world of difference to them and it will make you feel good that you helped someone. ♥

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Day 7 of the Crystal Reading Challenge from Hibiscus Moon. YAY! We did it!! It has been such a fun experience to do this. Thank you everyone who has joined me on this 7 day journey, and for your comments. Today's crystal is Aquamarine! This baby is all about the Throat chakra. We have had a Heart centered week, for the most part, and this crystal comes in on Day 7 to remind us to speak from the heart. ♥

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Monday, November 12, 2012

7 day crystal reading challenge - Day 5 *VIDEO*

Today was a busy day, so I didn't have the time to get the video uploaded earlier in the day. Also, I do apologize for the quality and glitches in the video. This was shot with my old camcorder. I thought/hoped it would be better than my little point and shoot camera. Obviously, that was not the case. It's 7 years old, though, so it could simply be in need of a little service tune-up. Regardless, I hope you enjoy seeing me and hearing the message behind today's crystal of the day. ♥

Today's crystal for Day 5 is Rhodonite! This crystal reminds you to use your talents and skills to help others. In return it will help you to find your true heart's desire.

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http://www.youtube.com/user/ValkyrieDivine - Her day 5 crystal card is also Rhodonite! Obvious this crystal has a strong message to share with everyone today. Make sure you go and check it out. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

7 day crystal reading challenge - Day 4 *VIDEO*

Day 4 of the Crystal Reading Challenge from Hibiscus Moon. Today's crystal is Hematite. Although this crystal has an alternative message, it is very insistent that its message for today is grounding. 

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Friday, November 9, 2012

7 day crystal reading challenge - Day 3 *VIDEO*

Day 3 of the Crystal Reading Challenge from Hibiscus Moon. Today's crystal is Green Aventurine. What prosperity will you bring into your life today with this beautiful green stone?

7 day crystal reading challenge - Day 2 *VIDEO*

Today's crystal is Emerald! I also had Lepidolite want to jump out for us as well.

After I shot this video I realized that Lepidolite held an additional message beyond what the card says, for me at least. Lepidolite is a wonderful stone for calming anxiety and stress. I personally cannot stand crowds, which is common for most empaths. My anxiety gets worse when I know I am going to have to be around a large group of people. So I grabbed my Lepidolite to keep with me tonight at my kids' school performances. If more messages pop up later on, as they often do, then I will come post them here. :) 

7 day crystal reading challenge - Day 1 *VIDEO*

Today's crystal is Watermelon Tourmaline! :) If you would like to join me and work with today's crystal, then please feel free to join me. I know that Watermelon Tourmaline is a crystal that not everyone has, so as an alternative try Green Aventurine paired with Rose Quartz for a similar effect. Both are excellent, soothing Heart crystals.

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My new crystal blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I am hoping to use this fairly regularly, although usually I use Facebook more than anything. I felt that a blog might be a good way to post the crystal videos I am working on plus some of my other crystal related posts. This way you can search in the archives for whatever it is you are looking for. 

In a moment, I will post the first 2 videos that I shot for the Hibiscus Moon crystal reading challenge. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to have a little fun with you guys and show off the Crystal Guidance Oracle cards that I designed and sell. I am not as used to speaking on camera and such like that, so this is helping me to become more verbal talking wise instead of relying on my typing all of the time. I hope you will enjoy the videos as much as I am shooting them. 

And with that.... Here come the videos! ♥

Love, hugs, and faerie blessings,
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This is me with my Crystal Guidance Oracle cards.